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ABS & ClearVision

The following  products are available from ABS (A Better Solution) worldwide and under license via ClearVision-cm in Europe.


Is a custom add-on to the IBM Rational ClearCase product. It serves to simplify the task of centrally maintaining triggers for your ClearCase installation.


Provides Enterprise Trigger Control. ClearTriger allows both the extension of our triggers from the VOB-level to the enterprise level as well as providing the most sought after ClearCase triggers without having to write any trigger script.


Provides geographically disjoint development as a less expensive alternative to ClearCase Multisite. ClearReplica provides many of the replication features of ClearCase Multisite as well as additional features. With ClearReplica you can replicate whole VOBs, "portions" of VOBs, a single or select files, a single or select branches, replicate multiple VOBs in to single VOBs, single VOBs to multiple VOBs and replicate VOBs to other VOBs within the same ClearCase region.


ClearWeb is a third-party add-on for base ClearCase that allows ClearCase policy triggers to work in a ClearCase web user environment. (ClearCase web, which is available as part of the ClearCase installation process, does not support interactive triggers, therefore, has limited use in a software development environment).

ClearWeb provides the following additional functionality beyond that normally afforded by ClearCase triggers:

  • ClearWeb administrators can limit a users access to the ClearCase Web Interface
  • ClearWeb can be configured to control which VOBs users have access to regardless of the ClearCase registry region set of the Web Server.  This level of control also extends to sub-directories of VOBs.
  • Native ClearCase web only supports a limited number of cleartool commands (checkout, checkin, uncheckout, update), ClearWeb extends this by allowing another 120+ commands to be run from the Web interface.
  • ClearWeb adds communication features which enhance the collaborative development effort.
  • Can be configured with interactive dialogs that enable ClearCase/ClearQuest integration will work over the Web interface.




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