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Software Configuration Management reference website:

This is a reference website for Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool:

Atlassian Software Development and Collaboration tools:

IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest:

IBM Rational Jazz based tools:


What's new

  Atlassian tools overview  
  RTC source control - bi-directional synchroniser with ClearCase  
  RTC source control - Workspaces - Flow diagram  
  RTC source control - Streams, Components, baselines and snapshots - Flow diagram  
  RTC source control - Change Sets - Flow diagram  
  RTC source control - Change Sets and Flow Targets - Flow diagram  
  RTC source control - incoming, outgoing, workspace change sets and conflict detection- Flow diagram  

Latest News:

Headline Date
  Best practices for effective velocity tracking 4th Dec 2012
  Get Ready to Sprint with Rational Team Concert 4th Dec 2012
  Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) v4.0.1 (Mod Pack 1) released.
Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Quality Management (RQM), Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) and Design Manager
27th Nov 2012
IBM Rational ClearCase Fix Packs v8.0.0.5 and v7.1.2.9 released 12th Dec 2012
  IBM Rational ClearQuest Fix Pack v8.0.0.5 and v7.1.2.9 released 12th Dec 2012
  What's new in IBM Rational ClearCase version 12th Dec 2012
  How we use CLM to build CLM 29th Dec 2012
  Source control process recipes for Rational Team Concert 20th Nov 2012


Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration  
  Last updated 25th Mar 2014  



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